Seems to be: it is similar to other online translators, but…

Machine translation has being annoying for a long time… not comprehensive phrases, prepositions and nouns. We do need a product without any flaw. Even leaders of translation industry cannot provide it.

That is the reason why we want to create a translator with professional translation option similar to native speakers. However, this technology has its limitations. For example, you cannot be racer, astronaut, boxer and ballerina at the same time. The only plus of this limitation is that thousands of entrepreneurs will save their jobs… at least now =)

Anton Markin, project lead, about details and niceties:

“… then I decided to call my friend and told him, that we cannot make a revolution in this field, but we can make online translator fast with loading speed 3-5 seconds, intelligible and  simple design for mobile use… we can integrate a dictionary with 10 billion words… due to ads placement translation can be free… we can create fancy design with variety of colors and symbol, so we won’t be ordinary downers. More over 66 languages should be enough for the most demand user. And we did it, our mobile language translator start his path”


– Let me just explain, – Julia Dobro (freelance consultant):

“In comparison with other startups these guys remain the history of Dell Company. When Michael understood that there is no need to create own computer, but to customize its configuration. The result we have: HDD size, RAM capacity, display adapter and other stuff to choose. Nowadays this is the standard for all the companies, specialized on computers. That is about m-translate, because guys have decided to improve user experience for us. The coolest thing about this translator to my mind is how it works from iPhone. I have several meetings and conferences with foreign colleagues during a day and it’s very good to have such a nice tool in my phone. All I need is internet and browser. It is very nice to observe the grow of the project”


Nevertheless, it’s not the end of the story. Fourth month has passed from the start and the team is hard working to develop m-translate according user’s needs. In addition, customer’s feedback helps us to increase functionality, enhance convenience and not forget about our social role. One thing the translator still missing is a great audience which help it to keep growing and doing translation better. That is why people we want you to join our community in order we can change everything we are not satisfied with now.

M-translate – your online translator and you just like it!

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