New Alternative to Google Translate: Finger Touch in a Focus

Mobile Translate provide free translation online browsing by phone, tablet, Mac or PC. Convenient and applicable from everywhere: traveling, business trip, university, home. Online translator can handle any direction: translate Spanish, French, German, Italian, Greek, Polish, Swedish and also translate Vietnamese, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Norwegian etc. M-translate supports more than 60 languages and this number is growing. Design based on material fundamentals for intelligible understanding. First online translation service with round buttons and fresh colors. Symbol is bird to emphasize mobile orientation. Site loading test scored 98/100 points, from mobile devices 100/100.  Very strong competitor for Google translate in machine translation niche. The aim of m-translate is to help children in need: who exposed by violence, war, who suffer from different diseases – anyone can donate. Join, participate and share the innovation approach!

Dmytro Kokot, m-translate’s Team Lead, commented that:
“m-translate is the result of two months of development a two people team only, but now being used in thousands of mobile devices around the word. This project is growing every day – people read about us and want to join.”

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